London, Example of Conservatism

I had been always attracted to the English style from its architecture and decorative arts to the feeling (inherited from the Victorian society) that everything “English” was always the best, for the quality and elegant to it’s manners and knowledge .
I went slowly, integrating into this society and gradually I realized that I was living in a city of "dollhouses” in 1/1 scale!

I started to enjoy the different architectural styles, I loved walking and looking at homes, antiques were around every corner, if I was going to have one of the famous pints of beer, I would be surrounded by beams and benches which more than 300 years old, the same beams from the same pub frequented by the Tudors, if instead I would walk into a bank, while standing in line, I could admire the incredible plaster moldings that adorned what was now a modern bank branch from possibly 200 years ago.

London is an example of conservatism and a respect for history