As far back as I can remember people around me would say "you should have been born in another era"

My interest in the past has always been my favorite hobby since I was a little boy, I would spend all my free time collecting all types of objects from the past. Eventually I was able to spend more than 5 years restoring many of them, at the same time I studied Business and Administration at the University of Cantabria in Santander.


One summer back in the early 90's, I came across with a book; on its cover was an image of a Spanish house in 1 / 12 scale from the nineteenth century. This was my introduction to the world of miniatures

In those days the 1/12 market was extremely limited and extremely expensive, and hardly anywhere to buy in northern Spain

I would find any opportunity I had to add to my collection, like birthday or Christmas presents, pocket money etc,

My first project was a Cabinet made by a carpenter, with the dimensions of a 1/12 house and instead of a façade it had a big front door of a single sheet of glass. Today that Cabinet of dreams, sleepless nights and efforts of a teenager, is in Santander at my parents apartment and every time I go there, I love looking at it, and from time to time I even dare to change something but I like it the way it is, it was my first project and is reflects a lot of my personality and the miniature world at that time in Northern Spain.