A Project is Born

One day by mistake I got delivered a catalogue of miniatures from "The Dolls House Emporium" to my office. I kept it and in the tube on the way home I began to devour it. I found it amazing how cheap it was, pieces like the catalogue were showing I had paid a small fortune for them 15 years ago!. In this indirect way miniatures reawakened my concerns and excitment... I came to feel what I felt when I made the Cabinet, again I was sleepless in bed, watching and studying a simple catalogue of miniatures.

It was the call for a new project!


Last year, back in March and after many sleepless nights I decided to start on another project . This time I would have a house, but this time with the electrical installation that in the Cabinet I never had, this time I would indulge my self spending the whole wage and not just the pocketmoney like I did as a child!, Pandora's box was open!.

I decided to buy a kit of a Victorian-style house from that catalogue. My interest in this period of development had grown since my arrival in London. The Victorian era is characterized by industrial and multicultural development, trade is growing strongly due to improvements in transport, people travel, study and collect. In this time the houses are starting to build with more decorations and finishes on the outside, with the industrial development new ways are discovered, new systems, such as the glass is machined so that it is easier to do in large plates, in contrast to the Georgian glass windows which were divided by small frames in panels.
The large Victorian windows will let more light in the rooms where you can display all the collections, travel souvenirs, oriental porcelain, tapestries, resulting in this way the creation of the peculier bay window", a kind of outgoing viewpoints on the main facade.

The Victorian era is the best time for a miniaturist, the cluttered way to decorated their houses gives to a collector the posibility to acquire all sort of mini treasures to create our scenes.


With all these ideas I put myself to work, it was like being back in my teenage days, I just wanted to be at home working in the kit. I began to buy again the miniatures magazine , English and Spanish versions, and what was my surprise to see how the market had advanced, the were fairs around the world, websites with blogs of collectors who would share their homes and invite you to share your experiences with them, artisans selling their products online and what products! and the best, the ability to make friends with people who like me really love the 1 / 12.
The best thing was that living in London I was only a stone's throw from Kensington (KDHF) and Birmingham (Miniature) without naming the smaller fairs, which were held around (Wendy's World).

Surrounded by all of this, the house went through differents level of standards, same as my ambitions as a collector.

Personally I think a house either in 1 / 1 or in 1 / 12 scale, is never finished to be decorated there's always something to change or to try.


The house that I invite you to visit, praise or criticism, is obviously unfinished, there is always room for another miniature or a better distribution to do. So far I think it perfectly reflects the Victorian style and my passion for the past times.
Everytime,I use the brass knocker installed outside the house to get in, it takes me back to 1900, a travel in time that I enjoy and I hope that through this website you will enjoy you too.